Operation implementation on B+- trees for MALT-D processor


Photo: msu.ru


On April 22 Maksim Krivov within the scientific conference “Lomonosov readings” has delivered the presentation “Operation implementation on B+- trees for massively parallel MALT-D processor”.


B+ trees is a popular structure for “key-value” pair storage and has been applied in file systems and databases for a long time. After the appearance of massively parallel architecture with dozens and hundreds of cores, the PALM algorithm has been proposed, a key feature of which is refusal of any thread blocking mechanism.


The presentation has examined the process of PALM algorithm adaptation for energy-efficient MALT-D processor developed in Russia which peculiarity was the presence of hundreds of lightweight cores and no cache. The results of software emulator testing have indicated that the proposed modification of PALM algorithm had perfect core scalability on the real world frequencies and memory access latencies. The assessment of expected power consumption on FPGA has been shown and the comparison with current models of Intel Xeon processors has been made.