About us


Who are we?


We are a team of designers of multicore processors. We started our project in 2011. At that time, we claimed that in 5-10 years there would be hundreds of computing cores in a processor, energy efficiency would be more significant than productivity, productivity would be achievable, thanks to the specialization of computing units and parallel processing, and microarchitecture would be determined by energetics and technology. We set the goal - to become designers of multicore processors at world level by 2020. We gathered a strong team and today we’re a working fabless design center. Our processors are manufactured by the largest independent factory TSMC using 28 nm technology. We create complete program solutions and design not only the chips but all the necessary software infrastructure.


Crossing the line of 2020, we can say that we have achieved significant results. Now we are moving towards our main goal and continue to work on our processors. Today WEB SDK is available for developers, it allows to test programs on MALT without installing any specialized software. One of the most important events of 2020 will be the development of a 16 nm frequency generator and the WEB SDK update. You can follow the project on our website.


Our competence 


We are specialists in digital microelectronics and programming. We are familiar with the history of computer technology evolution and we have practical work experience with a whole range of programmable computing systems: from 8-bit microcontrollers having a thousand of transistors to modern multicore CPU/GPU having billions of transistors, from the first-generation UNIX OS to modern Linux, from the first-generation Fortran language compiler to currently used languages such as C/C++/C#/Python/Java/PHP, etc. Our designs are built on traditions and 30 years of experience gained worldwide microelectronics specialists. On the other hand, we are not limited by liability to support architectural compatibility and we never avoid developing separate hardware and software components from scratch when the purpose is utmost energy efficiency.


Currently, our team consists of certified specialists graduated from top Universities. There are seven Candidates of Science and two Doctors of Science. In our team we have specialists of digital and analog RTL design and circuit engineering, specialists of processor cores and architecture, developers of IP-block interfaces, specialists of RTL simulation and verification, specialists of memory controllers, system programming specialists, developers of universal and problem-oriented languages, C/C++ programmers, specialists of parallel programming and parallel program debugging, developers of applied software and algorithms, software testing specialists, technical writers, lawyers, development managers.


We conduct researches along with the top universities and research institutes. Our technological basis includes the most advanced equipment made in USA, Europe and Asian countries. We use software made by USA’s technology-leading companies, the software that became a standard in this industry. We successfully work with the main microelectronics manufacturers and perform the work in the interest of state, commercial and industrial customers. We provide both digital microelectronics and software design services within our approach and complete solutions based on MALT architecture.





Our Team



Project leader


The creator of MALT architecture. The specialist in the field of highly productive computing systems based on FPGA/VLSI. The author of electronics and programming courses teaching in MSU. The specialist in the development and commercialization of technically complex knowledge-intensive projects. Graduated the MSU Faculty of Physics, Candidate of Science in Mathematics and Physics. The author of 5 patents, 21 articles, 18 reports. The amount of citations: scopus - 181, web of science - 170.


Computer system expert


The specialist in the field of computer system architecture, its element basis and system software. The books author: “The computer system architecture with programmable structure”, “Modern microprocessors” (eng.), “Computer systems”, “Database. Intelligent data processing”. The award winner of the LPI, professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences.


Technical leader


The specialist in the field of software and OS. Exceptionally erudite in everything concerning hardware, equipment operations and the computer system software. Deals with the major components of MALT architecture design, IP-block design and embedding, emulator development and resolving the complex problems within the project including verification and simulation of IP-blocks in CAD.



Leading RTL-designer


Responsible for the development of IP-blocks in VHDL, their logic simulation and verification, prototyping on FPGA, project synthesis and simulation for VLSI including the final assembling. Has the unique knowledge in the field of designing and debugging memory controllers of all types.


Computer core specialist


The specialist in digital and analog electronics including RTL-design, DSP, circuit engineering, verification, simulation. He has the highest qualification and practical experience in the development of computer cores and architectures in all stages - from the hardware level to the development of hardware-dependent programming languages.



On-chip networks specialist


The specialist in digital circuit engineering. Responsible for the development of IP-blocks in VHDL, their logic simulation and verification, prototyping on FPGA and in silicon including multi-frequency projects. Has in-depth knowledge of intracrystal communication networks.



Leading developer of compilers


The compiler developer of common and problem-oriented languages, system modeling tools of specialized processors and tool software. The specialist in the field of code generation for extraordinary computing architectures.



Tool software developer


The developer of parallelization techniques and tools for debugging and profiling the parallel programs. The developer of problem-oriented front-end for compilers. The specialist in adaptation and transfer of the standard software technologies to specialized computing systems.


System software developer


The universal C/C++ programmer. Exceptionally experienced and erudite in the field of the architecture and programming of all types of processors developed since 70s. The excellent specialist in applied mathematics with the experience of academic and teaching activities.


Software testing specialist


The universal specialist in the field of software testing, versioning and documentation. Qualified in the deployment and support of continuous software testing systems and documentation generation systems. Indispensable technical support specialist.


Project development manager


The specialist in the field of sales and microelectronics product promotion. Has a practical experience in bringing new devices to market. Qualified in marketing and investment attraction into technological projects.



Project manager


The specialist in the field of high-technology project management. Has a practical experience in communication with government and private funds, investment attraction on a grant basis and project management in accordance with the funds requirements.




Project secretary


Implements the organizational support of the project, the current reports and documents preparation, the team efficiency analysis, control over the expenses and labor discipline, meetings arrangement, negotiations, conferences and presentations.




Legal support of the project


The skilled expert in planned-financial support of the projects in development, electronics and microelectronics sales. Exceptionally qualified in the legal support in the work with government customers, commercial entities and investment funds.




State contract support specialist


The skilled specialist in administrative support of the state contracts and preparation of the financial-economic documents for all types of inspection bodies.



Document management specialist 


Responsible for HR-activity of the company and internal financial accounting including employee payments. The specialist in contract management, paperwork, business correspondence with customers and contractors, contacts with educational institutions worldwide.





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