American developer and manufacturer of programmable logic integrated circuits (PLD, FPGA)

MSU engineering physics laboratory

The laboratory provides consulting services and training concerning modern use of computer facilities. The laboratory designs software for embedded apps, computers and computing systems.

MSU physics faculty

The physics faculty is one of the largest MSU’s faculties and one of the best scientific centers in the world. The faculty is a leading research center in Russia and worldwide in the fields of physics, geophysics, astronomy, biophysics, medical physics and computer technology.



The main specialization of Milandr company is the implementation of design and manufacture of microelectronics products, universal electronic modules and devices for industrial and commercial use, software development for modern information systems and microelectronics products.



Cadence Design Systems, Inc., USA is a company which develops software for electronics devices’ design automation and provides engineering services.




Synopsys, Inc., USA is the largest company in the field of CAD concerning electronics design.


Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects

The objective of the foundation is to promote the implementation of scientific research and development connected with high-risk achievement of qualitatively new results in military-technical, technological and socio-economic spheres for the benefit of national defense and state security.

The Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics, KIAM

The Institute’s activity is focused on complex applied task solution and based on fundamental scientific research in the field of mathematics, mechanics, cybernetics, informatics.


National Research Nuclear University MEPhI

One of the first two national research universities in Russia. The University serves as a venue for all sorts of events in the world of science. Every year the University holds a scientific session of MEPhI. Since 1997 with the support of Intel corporation - The University’s partner in the field of high technology - National Research Nuclear University MEPhI has opened the doors to gifted school students by organizing the youth contest “Yunior” which included in the structure of the international scientific-engineering contest “Intel International Science and Engineering Fair”.

Nautech company

Nautech provides full-service concerning VLSI design and manufacture and supplies licenses for a broad range of IP blocks for ASIC and SoC design. .

Design Center KM211

In early 2014, the design center KM211 became the official representative of TSMC company in Russia. The design center is one of the leading integrated circuit design teams in Russia.