The design of the MALT-Cv2 processor has been started


Photo: TSMC


The design of the second-generation processor has been started. The first version of processor element, which architecture is based on improved Leopard architecture, has been developed. The testing and measurement of energy consumption on target algorithms, considering time delays, have been completed in CAD Cadence at the frequency of 1 GHz for TSMC HPC+ 28 nm manufacturing process.


The developed second-generation processor element surpasses the first-generation processor element by core performance in 3-6 times (depending on algorithm), performance per area - in 3-8 times and processor element energy efficiency - in 1,5-3 times. The energy efficiency on algorithms, which don’t require local memory, surpasses modern GPUs in 3-10 times, and there is advantage of 10-100 times on transformations which intensively use local memory.