Software development kit 1.1 has been released




The installer is modular now! Programmer tools 'malt-tool' and 'malt_sw' system are downloaded individually. Installation directory may be changed by ‘MALT_HOME’ environment variable. By default, ‘malt-tools’ is installed to ‘/opt/MALT’ directory, ‘malt_sw’ - to ‘$HOME/MALT’. GNU development tools have been upgraded to latest versions, including gcc - up to 7.2.0 version. Manycore processor support has been added to MALTemu emulator. Thus, the performance of the emulator is almost in proportion to the number of processor cores per host system. The support for any number of arbitrary size {scalar|array} arguments has been added to MALTCC for both SIMD and slave functions. The support for additional compilation modes ‘–no-assert’ and ‘–safe-mode’ has been added to MALTCC. The ability to build programs with NewLib library has been added to MALTCC. Custom profiling timers have been added to Sys_lib v1.1 system software. ‘Std::thread’ prototype has been tested for executing asynchronous threads on slave-cores. A full program-execution trace mode at the source level has been added to MALTemu. The mode is activated by ‘MALT_TRACE_LEVEL’ environment variable setting.