Software development kit 1.4 has been released




Software development kit 1.4 for MALT environment contains a great number of modifications and improvements added to simplify developer’s work with the system.

In order to increase the usability of the development environment, the revamp of directory structure has been carried out. The location of library files, test applications and tool kit correspond to a new strict hierarchy now. To simplify the work with MALT environment interconnect, a number of functions for operations with intermediate buffering packages has been added, which, for instance, enables to process packages in the order different from the input order. Moreover, in current version of the development kit 9Mb96G chip software support has been modified and tools for support operations have been separated into a single installer module. In addition to the above, a number of new examples has been implemented, the opportunity to build programs by out-of-tree build has been provided, the documentation has been substantially refined, etc.