Qualcomm Centriq - 48-core server-side ARM



Qualcomm Centriq processor

Photo: Qualcomm


Qualcomm company has released 48-core server processor. The processor is developed by using 10 nm Samsung technology which enables to place on 400 mm2 area not only 48 cores but sufficiently large amount of cache memory. Qualcomm processor doesn’t lose to the latest generation of Intel Xeon processors by its characteristics and even surpasses them by some parameters:


  • 48 64-bit cores with 2.6 GHz peak frequency;
  • 64 kB L1 instruction cache with 24 kB single cycle L0 cache;
  • 32 kB L1 data cache;
  • 512 kB L2 cache per each pair of cores;
  • 60 MB L3 shared cache with ECC;
  • 6 DDR4 memory channels.


The processor maintains ARMv8 instruction set with FP, SIMD, CRC and Crypto extensions. The manufacturers represent their design as a processor for cloud data centers which primarily designed for maintenance of virtual machines and NoSQL databases.


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