Software development kit 1.6 has been released




Software development kit 1.6 for MALT environment contains modifications and improvements to simplify developer’s work with the system.


In particular, a new optimizing compiler for SIMD accelerator with a subset of C/OpenCL programming languages has been implemented. The compiler is based on a modern version of LLVM/Clang infrastructure. The greater part of tests, examples and programs has been transferred to the new compiler. The loading of ELF-files in the compiler has been implemented and tested, this feature is enabled by default. Pseudoterminal support has been implemented on processor controller through UART in MALTemu. MALTemu console output has minimum value of the local stack and CPU number. Race-condition of the emulator which executed operations with memory in multithreading mode faster than a previously requested “smart” operation from the same core has been fixed. The possibility of the software emulation of the semantics of FE bits has been implemented.