Development of a new processor for network traffic encryption



The project of creating a new extremely compact embedded processor for processing network traffic MALT-Cv3 (commercial name is "Enceladus") has moved into the final debugging phase of RTL and we are finally ready to tell you something about this product. The MALT-Cv3 is designed for streaming network traffic at speeds up to 1 Gbps, including ensuring the security of network connections by programmatically encrypting/decrypting traffic using any user-defined domestic or foreign algorithms. The MALT-Cv3 will be manufactured using 16 nm technology. The MALT-Cv3 "Enceladus" will be the third in the line of MALT-C processors designed to perform complex cryptographic transformations and the first of our embedded compact processor focused on streaming work on wirespeed. What does embedded and compact mean? No more than 9x9 mm in a BGA case. This is less than the RJ-45 connector! Such a processor can really be embed into almost any device.


The processor is based on the MALT-C architecture. Specialized cores designed to speed up the execution of complex mathematical transformations are combined into 4 clusters, each of which contains 16 specialized cores, controlled by a single universal RISC core. The processor has two 1Gb Ethernet controllers for communication with external devices. Both controllers are controlled by a single general-purpose core. Interaction with the processor is carried out through the universal interfaces SPI, UART, GPIO, which are also controlled by a single general-purpose core. 512 KB SRAM memory and up to 64 MB of external HyperRAM/HyperFlash memory will be available on the chip. The estimated operating frequency of the processor will be 1.2 GHz. The FDPLL FDPLL of our own development will be used for clocking all subsystems. The predicted power consumption of the chip at full load will not exceed 3 W. In typical modes, depending on the implemented algorithm, the power consumption will be in the range of 500 - 2000 mW. The first samples of the processor are planned to be released in the first quarter of 2022.


Technical specification

Parameter Value
General-purpose cores 7
Specialized cores 64
Operating frequency, MHz 1200
Power, W 3