The first samples of MALT-Cv1 have been received from TSMC foundry




Samples of MALT-Cv1 processor have been received from TSMC foundry (Taiwan). MALT-Cv1 is the first chip belonging to MALT-C family which has been manufactured in silicon using 28 nanometer TSMC HPCPlus (high-performance computing) technological process. The processor contains 9 general-purpose RISC cores and 96 specialized processor elements integrated in 3 SIMD clusters, 32 elements each. MALT-Cv1 samples have been successfully passed entry tests on test vectors on “FORMULA” chip tester and estimated characteristics have matched with achieved characteristics under full load. Thus, full power consumption at operating frequency of 800 MHz was 1 W.


MALT-C - a microprocessor family for computationally complex cryptographic transformations with utmost energy efficiency developed in Russia. The chip is based on russian manycore architecture. Due to extremely successful C compiler, MALT-C 9Mb96G is as easily-programmable as universal multicore processors.


Though MALT-Cv1 samples have been manufactured at TSMC factory (Taiwan), the project may be adapted for Russian factories on customer request in short time with relevant characteristics conversion.