MALT project has been presented at ExpoElectronica-2019




On April 17 Sergey Elizarov, the MALT project leader, has delivered the presentation within the investment session organized by the Consortium of Microelectronics Design Centers at ExpoElektronica-2019 exhibition. Sergey has informed about the current status of the project, prospects for the use of MALT processors and directions of cooperation with Russian and foreign commercial and state investment funds and companies.


A noticeable trend among practically all IT industry leaders today to design specialized processors for hardware support of personal digital business, for product cost reduction, its energy consumption and operation costs has been discussed at the session.


The involved parties have agreed that such experience would be advisable to be applied in Russian Federation as well; they have noted the interest of state investors in trusted specialized processors to replace current foreign solutions based on CPU/GPU/FPGAs, to establish an information security guarantee for digital products and to reduce dependency on foreign partners, in particular, under the sanctions.


During the discussion, the representatives of investment funds and companies have highlighted that thorough technical and economic elaboration of such projects was necessary to make integrations economically justified, to reduce the ownership cost and to improve energy efficiency of the IT infrastructure.


During the investment session, the Consortium plans to develop the cooperation with potential investors and development institutions have been discussed; there was a presentation of promising projects in the field of microelectronics (navigation and communication, medicine, blockchain and big data) in front of the investors. Design centers presented high availability projects, selected by expert panel consisting of members of the Consortium.