Released Developer Kit v1.7



Released development kit version 1.7.


The ProgCL compiler supports assembler inserts. The libprocore library has been implemented combining low-level functions for the interaction of MALT processor cores with ProCore accelerators. The ProgCL compiler has support for the return value. ProgCL also supports arbitrary nesting structures, that is data structures that can contain any primitive data types, as well as aggregates: arrays of supported types and other structures. Work with the memory right bank had completed. New optimization in the selection of compatible (even) registers had added. The ProgCL compiler adds the ability to directly load constants into registers without using a constants table.


Virtual Ethernet interfaces support had been added to the MALTemu emulator. In order to unify the program launch interface on the emulator and hardware implementations MALTemu supports the system controller.


The description of libmalt library functions are significantly improved. The libmalt functions are accompanied by a set of tests ensuring the validation of each function. Assert-checks are added to functions that have requirements for arguments or kernels on which they can be executed.