500-core processor project has been sent to TSMC


Photo: TSMC


August 2019. We completed work on a prototype SoC MALT-Cv2 by sending the project to the TSMC. The MALT will be manufactured using the 28 nm TSMC HPCPlus process technology (high-performance computing). The processor contains 20 general-purpose RISC cores and 480 specialized processor elements combined in 15 SIMD clusters of 32 elements each. The calculated value of the total power consumption was 6.0 W.


MALT-C - a microprocessor family for computationally complex cryptographic transformations with utmost energy efficiency developed in Russia. The chip is built on the basis of our multi-core architecture.


Debugging board for MALT processor for user programs is available.


There is an opportunity to debug your code using our online service WEB_SDK, which allows you to check programs on digital images of MALT chips or remotely start code execution on specialized motherboards with FPGAs on which certain versions of MALT processors are implemented. Here уou can see our online service for developers.